Humber Training Group

Welcome to the Humber Training Group website.

The Training Group was originally formed to bring together Humber-based companies in the construction industry. The main purpose was to raise the standard of training and skills of the workforce and potentially retain more work locally.

A Training Officer was appointed and the Group has grown in strength and influence since that time. We now have over 40 member companies and have gone a long way to achieving our original aims.

On the way, almost all of our members have been able to make financial savings by having the knowledge and tools to access grants and funding available a service constantly under review by the Training Officer.

We work closely with the industry skills broker, ConstructionSkills, and have received support from the organisation as well as providing assistance in their target achievements.

Hopefully the information and guidance contained in this site will explain the goal we have to boost the local Construction Industry and to maintain levels of employment in our regenerating region.

We are always keen to see new members and would be pleased to hear from any company which feels it may benefit from joining.

Ross McFarlane
Chair, Humber Training Group