Aims & Objectives

We are aiming to increase the skills levels within the industry and therefore make you and your business more competitive.

To enable us to measure the impact we are making we have developed a Strategy and Action Plan to gauge current trends and allow us to set targets for the future.

Key aims and objectives of the group are as follows:

  • Providing a real focus for construction based training
  • Developing a training plan for the group
  • Organising and co-ordinating training locally
  • Cooperating with local and national training providers regarding the provision of facilities leading to qualifications and an improved skill base
  • Providing in-company and cross-company support characterised by a strong commitment to training
  • Raising awareness and sharing best practice within participating organisations
  • Promoting the industry to potential new recruits
  • Cooperating with the ConstructionSkills regarding the promotion of the training needs within the construction industry

Click here to read the HTG strategy and Action Plan for 2010

Click here to see the targets that the group is working towards in 2010, this has also been updated to show current progress towards the targets at the end of Q2 these are to date figures from January June 2010.