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Training Calendar

Click here to view the calendar of training that is taking place in our region. This will be updated on a regular basis so if you are looking for something specific, you can check out available dates here.

It is advisable to plan the training required by your workforce. Always start by understanding the current skills, experience and training undertaken within your workforce. Putting together a matrix of this helps you to identify any gaps within your business. You need to remember it is not just skills for now but for the future!

For example if you have people that may be retiring out the business soon it could be a perfect opportunity to recruit an apprentice and pass on the knowledge and skills to the next generation.

It is also advisable to keep track of expiry dates for training or industry cards there are many that need refresher training, so to ensure they do not expire, keeping a note of expiry dates helps you to see at a glance what needs doing and when.

South Yorkshire and Humber Working Well Together Group forthcoming events:
Hull Thursday 4th November 2010 Mock Trial

Humber Constructing Excellence Group forthcoming events:
Coming soon