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As a business we have benefitted tenfold by being a member of the Humber Training Group.  Access to fully funded courses, we have networked with guest speakers through group meetings, which led to us recruiting a new member of staff.

For any small business who is in the construction industry, you can't underestimate the support and advice you get and the time and money you save as a business - thanks Sam!

RE-DEC Painting and Decorating Limited

My fellow Director told me to contact Sam and become a member as he was a member with a previous company.  We have had so much support from the group already and we have not been members long!!  We have had courses fully funded, attended Construction Ambassador Training and supported a Construction Labour Market Information event plus much much more!! I would highly recommend you join, there is so much support that you don't even know you need.

Core Construction

We have been members of the Humber Training Group since it first started in 2004.  It is great to be able to share best practice with other group members.  We have also been able to take advantage of part-funded training over the years.

Training Team
Kingstown Works Limited

Having a one stop shop to go to has been invaluable for our business.  Sam always knows the right people to speak to.  We have enjoyed discounted training and also tapped into a lot of funding over the years.  I am currently the Chair of the HTG and am proud to lead such an active group.  I also attend many career events that have been organised by the HTG and others, it is great to be able to promote our industry at these events, but all the background work has been done so I can share my knowledge and enthusiasm.

M.B. Roche & Sons

We have been members of the HTG for many years and benefitted a great deal over the years.  I have been the Chair of the HTG and curently Vice Chair.  We are always keen to see new construction employers getting involved and benefitting from their membership.

AJ Building Limited

We have benefitted from the first time we met Sam.  She helped us to understand what grants and funding we could tap into by being members of the group.  We have also enjoyed attending the Construction Ambassador training and attended the Skills Humber event in March 2020 to promote Scaffolding to all those attending.

JLP Scaffolding

If you wish to benefit from joining the Humber Training Group, please get in touch

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