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RE-DEC Painting & Decoraring

HTG keep us so well informed, during COVID-19
I applied for the Humber Growth Grant for IT equipment, to work from home and they approved it.


Core Construction

HTG with the help of their networks helped us recruit our first Apprentice.  They also made sure that we understood about the grants available to support us.


Kingstown Works Limited

We have attended numerous career events and have recruited females into our industry via the WIME event.

We have also supported the Roots to Roof project for Primary Schools.


Intro with Video

PBS Construction (N.E.) Ltd

Battle of the Hull Rugby teams, pushed to one side as they offer meaningful employment to the opposition!  PBS have offered ex Hull KR captain who retired from rugby last year, a job as a Groundworker and he is loving it.

Glenn Smurthwaite (M.D.) is still trying to get him to convert to the black and whites :-)

First Aid Training - how this helped to save a life - PBS Construction (N.E.) Ltd

After their shift on Sat 24th October, 2 of our operatives were driving down Ferensway and saw a lady having a seizure with no assistance from anyone.

Our guys quickly responded and put her in the recovery position and luckily there was an ambulance nearby so they sought help and she was taken to A&E. Our guys followed the ambulance to Hull Royal as the lady had come off her bike so they took her bike to hospital for her.

She has since recovered and sent us a thankyou email. The story has also been shared on Twitter, Twitter.  It has also been shared on BBC Radio Humberside.

What a lovely uplifiting story and what star employees.  It just shows that you can also use the skills you learn in First Aid outside of work, you just never know when you may make a massive difference to someone's life!  Well done - Sam HTG


Probe Employer Event

Probe in partnership with HTG members ran a construction specific programme.  This was to help people that were unemployed into the industry.  As part of this employers attended a 'meet the employer' event so they could talk to the candidates about real life in the industry and show that employers are not scary!!


Work Experience

From this initial event, employers then offered work experience to 2 candidates from the programme.  They did a 2 week work experience programme across the business.


Two new employees!

Soper Group did not originally have any vacancies for these 2 candidates, but they were so impressed by them, that they created 2 new jobs!  How fantastic is that and just goes to show if you give someone a chance and an offer of work experience, you just might find a shining star!

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