Could you help to build or re-build one of your favourite places?

With so many diverse roles in our industry, there is something for everyone.  See what is involved in demolishing and rebuilding this McDonalds to make it bigger and better for everyone to use for many years to come!

Below you will find links to the various career events that HTG and its members are involved in.


Previous Events

This will give you a taste of what is involved at the different events we and our members support.


Upcoming Events

See which events are planned and get in touch if you are interested in supporting and promoting our fantastic industry.


Construction Labour Market Information (LMI Humber)

Information on the local labour market that you can share with those you are looking to influence.



This site has been developed by industry for industry.
It has lots of resources available that you can pick up and run with if you are planning your own event.
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